NBCUniversal Sends 30 ROCK and PARENTHOOD to Hulu

NBCUniversal inked a deal with Hulu to send a bunch of their products to Hulu...  among those are 30 Rock, Parenthood, There's Johnny, Syfy's Face Off and the U.K. series Made in Chelsea.

30 Rock leaves Netflix this month and premieres on Hulu on October 1st.

Parenthood will premiere on Hulu in early 2018. Right now this show is also on Netflix.

Parenthood, the complete series.

Why would NBCU move content to Hulu? Well, since they are one of the owners of Hulu, they're keeping the profits more in-house.  NBCU is a 30% stakeholder of Hulu,

Hulu is owned by Disney via their ABC Television Group (30%), 21st Century Fox via their Fox Entertainment Group, (30%), Comcast via their NBCUniversal company (30%), and Time Warner via their Turner Broadcasting System company. (10%).

Hulu is focused on streaming current and past TV episodes from its owning entities.


Back in the day Hulu was a free service that I used a lot, but when it converted to a pay service, I bowed out of using the streaming service. I didn't need yet one more bill to watch the TV I didn't watch when it was already on the air.

And as Hulu as recently acquired 7,500 TV episodes, Hulu has seen a 98 percent spike in subscribers over the last few months.

Speaking of NBC, just in case you had not heard, they had taken a swing at their own streaming network, called Seeso. Not a catchy name really, and of course, it didn't catch on. The service will be shutting down by the close of 2017.

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