VEEP's Final Season, HGTV Renewals, WILL is Dead!

VEEP Cancelled

HGTV renewed their lifestyle shows, Mexico Life, Caribbean Life, Beach Hunters and Beachfront Bargain Hunt. You may continue to live vicariously through HGTVs offerings!!!

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If you're an Ovation network fan and have a Roku device, it's time to rejoice!  Ovation launched a TV app called Ovation NOW and is available to subscribers on Roku.

There is a live feed and on-deman content.

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HBO's Veep will call it quits in 2018 when its seventh season concludes.

The show has pulled in 42 Emmy nominations, winning 12 of those noms but they said that they've pretty much gone through all the good material they can come up with and they don't want to start repeating themselves. It's been said that this last season will have a finality or end-of-series feel to it. So brace yourselves.

I know that sometimes it sucks for favorite show to end, but to be honest, if they want to go out feeling fresh and not worn down, that's a good thing.

Some shows can be awesome but when they run out of material they start rehashing, or start adding pretty people to the cast and then it does start churning out mundane. Even if you like the mundane, you know it's reached its limits when a cancellation doesn't really get you that upset.

Kudos for them for going out on top.

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Will has been cancelled by TNT, skipping the option to pick up a second season of the show about a young and "daring" William Shakespeare. Will originally was going to air on Pivot, which probably would have been the perfect home for the show, but Pivot went under and TNT picked up Will. But very very few folks seemed to care about the series. I remember the teasers and it was pretty...  well...  it did not catch my attention. I'll just leave it at that.  When the marketing can't get you excited about something, well, the show either lacks or the marketing arm did not connect with how they needed to spin a show.


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