CRISIS ON EARTH-X Crossover on The CW

CRISIS ON EARTH-X Crossover on The CW

CW's Crisis on Earth-X Begins Next Monday

So the big annual CW DC comics series crossover event of the season on the is about to take place. And this time around, it will only be a 2-night event. Huh.

Last year it was a four-night event and to be honest, it was a waste of time and useless filler.

So that last few crossover events, for all the hoopla and anticipation, pretty much left me empty. There was so much to convey and so little time to convey it, that it felt pretty damn hollow. All the characters where thin versions of themselves, being made to be marketable to the other shows' audiences that haven't seen them on a regular basis, or what not.

For example, in The Flash, Barry Allen has had some pretty serious crap going on but in the crossover episodes, he was some giddy version of himself. They did the same thing to him when he had his crossover in Supergir!

Pretty much most of the characters get some kind of crossover treatment and they just don't feel right.

So this time around... I kind of don't give a !. I'll still watch it, but my expectations are low.

Here's the marketing clip for the event... well, the wedding scene looks pretty cool.

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