Let's Talk ABout That AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer For A Moment

Let's Talk ABout That AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer For A Moment

SO there it is, the latest trailer for the third Avengers film, Avengers: Infinity War from Marvel. It's a trailer that promises many things but despite all the guessing, there is something I feel pretty sure about: That the end-credits scene In Black Panther will probably have something juicy, since it takes place before the Infinity War film.

Plus, it looks like there's a battle at Black Panther's realm, which means crap could start to go down in Black Panther, and picked up on in Avengers 3 (Infinity War).

But then when the film premieres, RUMORS suggest that the last scene we saw in the Avengers Infinity War trailer is the opening scene, where our crew from the Guardians pick up Thor's body among the wreckage of the ship he was taking the Asgardians to Earth in.

Which then leads me to wonder if Heimdall is dead. Right now fan rumors suggest that with Heimdall's eyes being orange and the one remaining stone, the soul stone, is reportedly orange and it could be in his chest plate of his armor. But this is just a fan theory that sounds pretty good.  But check this out and where we've seen the stones:

Space Stone (in Captain American, in the Tesseract)
Soul Stone (Thor, CONJECTURED to be in the armor of Heimdall)
Reality Stone (Thor Dark World In the Aether)
Time Gem (Doctor Strange, In the Necklace)
Power Stone (Guardians of the Galaxy, In the Orb)
Mind Stone (The Avengers, started out in Loki's Sceptor)

IF Heimdall does have the soul stone, (Granted, Heimdall could see all souls), and if you look at the listing above,

Thanos. Yea, I might be stretching it a bit, but it sure fits nicely! (Psst: The first time this was presented, was by a Reddit user on Oct 16, 2015.  Just so you know... and he thoroughly explaines his reasoning.)

But aside from that, the new trailer could be seen as the handing of the torch from old cast to new cast. We know that the original cast members have contracts expiring at the end of Avengers 4, so what better time than to start to formulate The New Avengers crew with the younger cast and new characters that have been and will be introduced, like Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Wanda and more.

And these new characters do seem to get a lot of screen time in the trailer, suggesting more solid roles in the film.  Or... it's made to appear like that. But will anyone really die in this film? To date, no one else has died or stayed dead, and even though there have been hints from the directors that people die in this film, who?

In one trailer scene, we see The Vision looking like he's getting his Infinity Stone ripped from his skull. Or at least, as we see it, he's lying on the floor, screaming. If he loses the stone that powers him, what becomes of him? Does he live on but not as the all-powerful Vision? I mean, cars can run without batteries to some extent. Right?

We see Tony Stark getting put down hard in the dirt with a punch from Thanos. Is that his exit scene? Probably not. But it gets you thinking. I plunked down a ton of pics/stills from the trailer in my FB album, if you want to take a look.

That's all I'm wondering for now.

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