FOX - MARVEL - DISNEY Deal Could Wrap Up Soon, Fox Marvel Films Will Improve!

Disney could buy Fox, giving them more control over more Marvel characters

Turns out that even though we first heard that Disney was looking to buy out certain parts of Fox Entertainment, but I didn't say anything here because you know how these rumor/news/fake-news blog posts can be? Nothing but click bait. Then the news said the talks were stalled for now.

But now, the latest chapter in the book of revolving rumors is that Disney is close to buying out Fox’s film and television production assets leaving them their Fox broadcast, news, business and sports divisions, where they can continue to screw those parts up.

Now if this deal winds up to be real, we would see Disney snatching up yet one more heavy weight in the world of entertainment. We would then see a Disney controlled
  • 20th Century Fox film studio,
  • 20th Century Fox Television,
  • FX Networks, and
  • a majority stake in Hulu.*
 --> *Hulu a joint business venture to nab more of your TV money, on top of your cable bill, and is owned by
  • The Walt Disney Company (through Disney–ABC Television Group) (30%),
  • 21st Century Fox (through Fox Entertainment Group) (30%),
  • Comcast (through NBCUniversal) (30%), and
  • Time Warner (through Turner Broadcasting System) (10%).

This kind of deal would probably have the U.S. Justice Department stepping in to review this deal, considering this will be giving Disney one hell of a grip on the entertainment industry, much like how Bill Gates has used Microsoft to buy up hundreds of tech companies.

BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT part is that with this plan, Disney will be acquiring film and television rights to the X-Men, Fantastic Four and related characters.

But at the moment, there's a similar transaction that is being held up in other parts of the TV world, where the U.S. Justice Department has lobbed a lawsuit at AT&T to stop their $80 billion purchase of Time Warner. Time Warner owns
  • Warner Bros. Pictures,
  • Warner Bros. Television,
  • DC Entertainment,
  • Turner Broadcasting, and
  • 50-percent of The CW television network.

So even though this could be a good thing for fans of the Fox-controlled Marvel characters, it might be a while before it happens. Unless the Mouse has a ton of power (code for money) and helps grease the wheels of (their) growth and this transaction is left to happen.

We can only hope!

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