X-FILES Mobile Game Coming Out in 2018

X-FILES Mobile Game

With the second revival season of The X-Files coming out on January 3rd, there's also a game coming out in February called X-Files: Deep State.

The new mobile game is of course, a mystery/investigation puzzle game, from 21st Century Fox’s FoxNext Games division and Estonia-based game studio Creative Mobile, is coming out on February 6, 2018.

The in-game investigation will focus on events from 2010, focusing on an alien invasion and conspiracies. The game will also have its own set of mini-episodes of information, where supposedly we will be seeing some recognizable faces.

Each month a new story and mystery will be released and you'll also get a 'monster of the week' info.

You can get the app from Apple App Store, Google Play and Facebook. It will, of course, be free to play, with options to purchase stuff to help you in your quests.

There's more to see at the website behind the game, http://xfilesgame.com/

Check out the teaser trailer for the game...

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