THE LAST JEDI Movie Detail That Bugged Me

OK, so the entire world has either seen or going to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. At least that's what it seems like if you believe the marketing spin from various sources.

If you have seen the movie you've probably seen all the other noise and ingrates whining about what's wrong with the movie within the realm of the Star Wars franchise.

Personally, I like where the story in the film went, BUT...

There was one big thing that when it showed up really distracted me from the film story.  That being...


The Last Jedi movie spoiler is coming up. It's not a big one, but it's there.




So there they are, the rebel fleet running from the Imperial ships. The rebels are faster, but are limited in fuel. It's a game of cat and mouse between good and evil. But the evil has a ton of fuel while our good guys do not.

As the rebel fleet ships run out of fuel, when each ship runs out of fuel, they start to fall out of the 'sky,' or space, as they list and tilt and change altitude as if they're falling down.

And that's what distracted me.

Here's the thing - in space, if you push something in one direction, it will continue on in that direction unless you apply alternate thrust.

For instance, when a ship were to use thrusters to obtain a certain speed, they could then turn off the thrusters because the ship will move forward. There's no gravity or air or friction or nuthin to slow your progress. Then the only things you would need to fire off are attitude thrusters to keep you pointed in or facing the direction you are travelling.

Then when you need to stop in space you start to apply reverse thrust or flip the ship around and apply the same thrust you used to accelerate, to start to decelerate.

But space has no pull or tug or drag on things, so when the cruisers started to "fall out of the sky" when they ran out of gas, well, that was a boatload of shit! Which is code for "it distracted me from the moment."

Other than that, I sucked up all the other fictional science there was to absorb!

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