Team Big Brother on AMAZING RACE, No Surprises As They Stick It To Another Team

Jessica and Cody, Team Big Brother on THE AMAZING RACE

This latest season of the reality TV seriesThe Amazing Race is the usual collective of crazy, hectic, impatient foot races while tackling some very interesting challenges along the way. The usual emotional challenges have been hitting our teams here and there as they're put under some undue stress trying to sort out the various details of directions or challenges.

The best of friends can sometimes be the most impatient with each other especially with this new challenge where teams face off head to head and that can ruin a good team's progress. Then this week we saw the true nature of one of the teams, that is the team of Big Brother, Cody and Jessica.

NETFLIX Premieres in February.

If you saw them when they were on Big Brother, they met in the house and fell in love. But as the season developed, they seemed to be put under the gun and reacted accordingly, whee you might have developed a strong distaste for their attitudes.

Cody seemed...  well, not too friendly. In fact, he seemed a bit obsessively crazy or way too intense. He had ZERO humor.

Then in the beginning of this season of The Amazing Race, they made the statement about how they could just focus on their race because they didn't really have to interact with other people like they did in the Big Brother house.

And up until this week, I thought it was interesting that they seemed more civil in this show. Then again, the team interactions were limited.

But then this week, the teams had a chance to use a 'U Turn' and the only team that did use it was, yes, the Big Brother team. The ONLY team.

Then to cement your perspective about the team, just in case you were on the bubble about them after the U-Turn, Jessica got pretty sly about working with two other teams in one challenge and unlike the other two teams, withheld information despite their sharing their info, to get ahead of the teams she was working with.

To me, after watching them on Big Brother, this kind of subterfuge behavior coming out of these two was not only no surprise, but they fell into exactly what I was expecting of them.

These two are the ones to watch in The Amazing Race. Or in life in general. It seems that these two will cut the feet out from under anyone they have to, to get ahead.

And to be honest, life does reward the more aggressive, sneaky folks in life, so there's a good chance they may do very good in the race, if they don't get tripped up at a challenge!

If you ever run into these two in real life, competing for the same goal or job or what not, watch your back!!!

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