THE BACHELOR - Let's Talk About Krystal's Adult Tantrum

This is what an adult tantrum looks like!

This week some viewers are probably questioning Arie's sanity on The Bachelor by giving that piece of work, Krystal, a rose, sending home someone else who might have been more deserving than she is. I mean, seriously, how can he not see this routine that Krystal is running on him?

But there are a few things we need to look at here.

One, Krystal is a real piece of work, with a set of routines in how she handles men. Yes, we've all seen this, how some women actually manipulate or handle men to get whatever it is they want. You can see this in her practiced smile, her rehearsed tilted head, her tone, her mannerisms... they're all things we've seen in women like this before.

Then the bowling party went awry and the moment she did not get her way, well, we saw how she handled it. It was all about her, no matter who she was talking to... whether it be the camera or the other women.

Through it all, we could see how she feels everyone around her is beneath her. It's pretty disgusting actually.

But I think there is one thing we might all be forgetting... and this is my suspicion, but I'm betting ABC is having Arie keep Krystal around. Let's face it, every single season there's at least one "bad guy" in the group, and this time around, it's Krystal.

Just like previous seasons, we're stymied by how the evil or insidious person continues to get picked week after week.

That's because ABC needs the drama to help keep the show juicy for the viewers, and to be honest, they are definitely riling up the juices of many viewers while this loser continues to torment the house, Arie and viewers!

Some day, I'd love it if the girls who got roses, protested the rose choice by all of them putting their roses back on the table and giving the bachelor an ultimatum about his idiocy logic.

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