"Inside Edition" Takes It Too Far Sometimes

I just came across Inside Edition while channel surfing and they were talking about that crap noise about Arie dissing Becca on The Bachelor, and how he and his other girlfriend are so happy now. Pfft.  Then they slid into their piece about that PoS Parkland School shooter, Nikolas Cruz. In their piece, they went into great detail about what the Piece of Crap has eaten over the last couple of days and how he's behaving.

My first reaction is who gives a flying f**** about what this crapper eats?

Then I stop and think about it... they have marketing analysts who study what works for the show and the audience, and that's when it hit me that the audience watching the show is who makes the franchise report on what they do. Not necessarily you, but most of the masses who, after a hard day of work, are sinking into the couch and watching mindless shit so they can just tune out from life and relax.

When you see these people show you a scene of an actress walking the red carpet in a red dress, and then they describe to the viewer exactly what you're watching. WTF? So when you complain to the world, yourself, the air, remember, it's your fellow TV watchers that have enabled the show to show such bullshit.

The beauty (not!) of reality TV and other supposed non-scripted television shows.

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