THE RESIDENT TV Review: Like Grey's But Different

The Resident on Fox is one of the latest medical series on TV. It stars Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp, Manish Dayal, Shaunette Renée Wilson, Bruce Greenwood, Melina Kanakaredes, Merrin Dungey. One of the executive producers is Antoine Fuqua (The Equalizer, Training Day).

The focus of the show is on an idealistic young doctor (Czuchry) who looks at all the good and evil that goes on within the halls of his hospital.

The evil is brought to the story by some of my favorite actors, Greenwood and Kanakaredes. I've enjoyed their past work immensely, but here they play very different, self-centered, money-focused doctors. I mean wow... in two totally different ways, they portray greedy in very different and frustrating ways. Which is a credit to their skills.

Kanakareded runs a cancer treatment center that seems to treat patients for cancer that they may or may not have. Or at least some characters suspect.

Greenwood is the top-notch doctor everyone wants working on them... but he's hiding a secret that could end his career or the lives of others. So he gives an up and coming attending "opportunities" to operate on his more sensitive and high-profile surgeries.

It's real easy to hate these two.

Czuchry plays the doctor who calls it as he sees it, When he sees something wrong, he's not afraid to say something. No matter who it is. He's good, but severely arrogant.

In the real world he would have been kicked to the street a long time ago... but for this show, it works to create a great dichomtomy of good and bad. All of which are easy to hate or like, depending on who you focus on.

It's a different kind of medical show, focusing on all the usual stuff that goes on in medical shows...  this show tends to make the business model of the hospital one of the primary plots, followed up by a few great sub-plots. And along the way, we are treated to a few medical procedures* and good looking people having sex.

The sex isn't too overly done, but it's there. And late in the season, Malcolm-Jamal Warner joins the cast, making the show even better! He plays an arrogant surgeon with horrible but brutally honest bedside manners.

Yes... at times it feels like the hospital is staffed by a bunch of Gregory House's. At times it feels like too much to deal with, but that's merely a credit to the show.

So yea, check it out if you have space in your schedule to watch one more show.



The show has been renewed for a second season, so you have time to binge watch the first season.

*I usually can't watch surgical procedures on TV. When Grey's Anatomy shows surgeries I have to duck for cover, but oddly, despite the detail they show, I'm able to actually watch the in The Resident...

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