The Obamas (Yes, THOSE Obamas) signed a production deal with Netflix to produce a number of productions under their own production banner, Higher Ground Productions. We can hope they create some cool content, being as how they are both so well spoken, I can't imagine they would put out any kind of 'middle of the road' material. The vague plan now, is to put out some scripted series, non-scripted series, documentaries and features. After watching Mr. Obama in a lengthy interview, he was well spoken, thoughtful and intelligent in his presentation. I hope these qualities carry over into their content.


Baskets was renewed for a fourth season from FX.


The Expanse was saved by Amazon after Syfy cut the show from it's lineup. So season four will hit the streaming service. To be honest, I can bet it will get a ton better. When I watched the first season of The Expanse on Syfy, they took a ton of liberties with the series and it was NOT the same story that I read in the books. The books were excellent, the first season of this show was a bucket of crap, filled with idle chatter that never happened and so forth. They started picking up the story but I think it suffered from whatever that move was from the first season.

Here's hoping!


Did you know that there is a MORTAL KOMBAT movie reboot in the works from Warner Bros. and New Line? Yep. The characters in it will be Cole Turner, Kano, Sonya Blade, Lord Raiden, Mileena, Jax Bridges, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Shang Tsung, Drahmin and a few more, BUT, there's no mention of Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, or Scorpion in the early notes and releases.



When ABC pulled Roseanne from the lineup in response to her 'drug-induced' rant on Twitter, I did not think about any other network out there, but along with ABC, Viacom, Hulu and Laff all pulled their Roseanne repeats from their networks.  Ouch.


LA to Vegas has been canceled by Fox.

The Arrangement was canceled by E!

The Chew was canceled by ABC, with production ending as it's seventh season rolls to a close.

The Middle might be getting a spin-off, because, you know, we liked it just enough to have it on the air for nine seasons, but not enough to go beyond that, and heck, if it sort of worked for nine, who knows how a spin-off will do! Right?

The Rain got a second season renewal from Netflix.

The Split got itself a second season from Sundance.

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