In case you're wondering about that Top Gun sequel...  it was originally slated to premiere in mid-2019, but now it's been pushed back to June of 2020. Paramount claims that the amount of flight sequences and visual effects are slowing them down more than they anticipated.  They began shooting in May... it's being directed by Joseph Kosinski (who worked with Cruise on Oblivion... and I liked that pairing.). It stars Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, and Ed Harris.


Fox has come up with a totally new and curious... no... wait, they haven't! They've announced a few new shows for next season, one of them being... The Masked Singer, where celebrities face off in a sing off, but they're totally covered from head to toe in costumes to conceal their identity. Then Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke try to figure out who they are. It's hosted by Nick Cannon.


TLC has a new little people series coming out called Little Life on the Prairie.  In it, the Webnar family, who were all born with achondroplasia dwarfism, decide to leave California looking for a simpler life to raiding their family, and move to a farm in the countryside of Arizona.


Flipping Out returns for season 11 on Bravo on Tuesday, September 11th.


Netflix will launch new documentary Quincy, focused on Quincy Jones and airs on Friday, Sept. 21. It will be directed by his daughter Rashida Jones and Alan Hick.

- - -

AMC has renewed

Better Call Saul,
Fear the Walking Dead,


One Strange Rock was renewed by NatGeo.

Nickelodeon has renewed

The Rise of the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles
Henry Danger,
Knight Squad,
The Dude Perfect Show,
Hunter Street.

If you're scratching your head about the renewed series you can't find... the Rise of the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, that's because it hasn't aired yet. It's due out Sept 17th.

- - -

CNBC is redoing Deal or No Deal, and it will be hosted by Howey Mandel. It's slated to premiere (is that re-premiere?) on Dec 5th. There will be 30, one-hour episodes where people continuously make bad decisions in not keeping the good suitcases.

Because no one can come up with any new ideas, except new ideas about old ideas, rumors are out there that NBC is eyeballing the premise of remaking Frasier.

Jeff Goldblum will be hosting a show on National Geographic (NatGeo) called... wait for it... The Curiosity of Jeff Goldblum! Yep... he'll be delving into curious scientific facts of everyday things in the world. No date has been set yet.

Sela Ward fan? if so, she's been cast in the upcoming new series, FBI, on CBS.

- - -

CBS has moved TKO: Total Knockout to air on Fridays, which is why it's down here in the cancelled section of this piece. Usually shows that get shoved into Fridays are not doing well and are left to languish and die a slow, crap-ratings kind of death that Fridays tend to do to shows. I watched a few episodes of it but it didn't hold my attention. Too much angry competitiveness on the playing field. It was fun to watch for a few minutes, but it got OLD fast.

The Rundown with Robin Thede was canceled by BET.

Timeless is coming to an end. But NBC is finishing off the series with a two-part series finale that will air around the holidays. NBC has tried shopping the doomed show around, but so far, no takers. Guys... I think you have to let this one go.

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