Ryan Hurst Joining THE WALKING DEAD

Ryan Hurst (Sons of Anarchy) is joining the cast of The Walking Dead

News on the street is that Ryan Hurst is joining the cast of The Walking Dead for their ninth season. For fans of Sons of Anarchy, this is a nice bit of news becuase the last time fans of SoA say Hurst, he played the ill-fated and loyal character of Opie on the series.

But rather than being a good guy in TWD, this time around, he's on the other end of the spectrum and playing Beta, a bad guy.

"Beta is the strong and silent type, a brute force of nature. What he lacks in expressiveness, he makes up for with intense physicality, as well as intense loyalty"

The character is an interesting one...  a truly silent and brooding type who, in the comics, wears the skin of a human as a cowl of some kind.

Of course with Hurst coming in, is also the season that Grimes is leaving the story, since Andrew Lincoln is leaving the series.

I guess we'll see.

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