THE WALKING DEAD - Rick's Last Episode

THE WALKING DEAD - Rick's Last Episode

THE WALKING DEAD - Rick's Last Episode AMC Blows It Again And Then...

Tonight was the final episode for Rick Grimes... AMC let us know this for a few weeks now, taking advantage of Andrew Lincoln's departure from the series.

This could have been one of those episodes that was full of surprise and suspense, but instead, every scene where there could have been peril and suspense, was ruined by the previews that AMC released, including at the end of the cliff hanger ending of the last episode.

AMC previewing this episode, titled 'What Comes After,' was an injustice to the writers who probably dug deep to pull this story out of their keyboards. They worked hard creating a homage to Rick Grimes, while the film crew worked hard to pull together the writers vision.

But so be it, AMC milked the moment for all they could.

With that being said, the third act of the episode did toss some jaw-dropping moments at viewers, especially with how Rick did leave the show.



And after all that marketing about this being Rick's last episode, we were all led to believe that he was going to die and yet, Rick lives.

So AMC tricked us big time, again. So much for Rick Grime's final episode. Not only does Rick Grimes Live, it was announced on The Talking Dead that AMC will be doing three AMC Original films exploring another part of the realm of The Walking Dead, where Anne, AKA Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) carted Rick off in a helicopter to some unknown destination.

Showrunner Scott Gimple announced on The Talking Dead that there will be three movies exploring whee Anne took Rick.

“It’s going to show a different corner of the world. It’s going to show a different situation that Rick is involved in. These are going to be shown on AMC, but they are going to have the scope of featured films.”

These films will explore characters from the past, characters in future times and we'll be seeing different locations around the world, the past and the future in the realm of TWD.

So Gimple pulled something out of a box to keep things going.

But if this was Rick's last episode on TWD, where does that leave Michonne? Does she presume him dead? Will Rick never reach back out to her from wherever they take him?

There will be lots of questions that need to be answered with the upcoming episodes or films. Despite the fact that the show apparently takes a big leap in time to further the story along.

The biggest question in my mind is that with the void that Rick leaves, who takes or took over? Will one take over, or will many fill the void? We know that Maggie won't be a long-term answer since Lauren Cohan is leaving the show. But we'll see how this time shift pans out.

How Did They Film Scott Wilson's Scene in The Walking Dead?

Oh, and that was Scott Wilson (Hershel) in that scene. They filmed a lot of the old character/Rick conversations some time back and they filmed Scott's scene before he sadly passed from cancer.

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