The end of Rick Grimes in THE WALKING DEAD, via... REBAR!
If you saw last weekend's Walking Dead, you get this.

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln exit... lame or what?

Since this piece has SPOILERS in it, I moved it to the bottom of the article just in case you wanted to read the other content without having ot squint your eyes to not see the info...

I mean, you squint your eyes right? To blur out the details of things you don't want to know, while attempting to read the rest of the article? Or is that just me?

See below.


GRIMM spinoff in the works on NBC.

OK, so Grimm was a fun show, but they jumped the shark with the last two seasons, including, inflicting our favorite Grimm with some disease that turned him grey at times, BUT NEVER FOLLOWED UP on that. But now, they think a spinoff might do the trick that is focused on a woman who learns that she is a Grimm. No cast has been announced yet.


New Amsterdam must be doing well on NBC, they ordered up a full season of eps on top of their early 13 ep order.

FBI on CBS recently got a full season order up to 22 eps.

Manifest got itself a full season order from NBC.

The Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC was renewed for one more season, for 2019! Hey, if you live anywhere near any one of these places that light up the night with music.. GO. It's amazing to see in person.

This is a neighbor's house, around the corner from me...



America’s Got Talent: The Champions will premiere on NBC on Monday, Jan. 7.

Ellen’s Game of Games returns to NBC for a new season on Tuesday, Jan. 8

True Detective's third season will premiere on HBO on Sunday, Jan. 13


Netflix cancelled Iron Fist.

Orange is the New Black's seventh season will be its last on Netflix. I had watched the first few seasons and they were entertaining but never quite picked it up over the last few.


The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln exit... lame or what?


So last weekend we saw Rick get tossed from his horse and impaled on an iron rod sticking out of the ground and I'm thinking, wow, so he gets eaten by a mob of walkers!!!?? Then I guess the upcoming episode will be memories of Rick, making it his last episode.

BUT WAIT... what cliffhanger??? If you watched the previews for next weekend then you know what's going to happen.

So AMC completed spoiled their cliffhanger because the preview for next weekend looks like it's going to be a "Rick Journey" to wherever he is going to end up. The episode is titled "What Comes After," and to be honest, with ratings dropping as they have been over the last two years, well, this could be another one of those disappointing episodes which will help the ratings continues their downward slide. Or maybe stall the slide while folks muster up the energy to watch yet another favorite character leave the show.

In the preview it looks like he'll be leading the walker hoard to the bridge to save his community in this one last valiant effort on his part.

And after Rick leaves, we have one more character exit in Maggie.

Yep, keep saving your dollars AMC and not coughing up salary dough... and keep watching fans jump ship from the shoddy boredom of the last few seasons and favorite character exits.




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