Spartacus Vengeance: Is Naevia A Different Actress?

If you've been watching Spartacus Vengeance, you probably figured it out by now...  but if you're playing catch up with VoD, you might just be taking notice that Crixus' (Manu Bennett) love of his life, Naevia, looks different.

That's because she is a different actress.  The old bait and switch didn't work on this keen-eyed Spartacus fan!

Turns out that as the 2nd season of Spartacus was coming up, the original actress who played Naevia, Lesley-Ann Brandt, could not seem to come to terms for a new financial agreement with Starz.

As her manager put it, "his client would be willing to come back to the role, if the price is right."

What a shame.

She went on to a few guest spots in CSI: NY, Memphis Beat and the TV movie, Zombie Apocalypse on the Syfy channel.  She's also been in the silver screen projects InSight, Duke and has two upcoming movies, Drift and A Beautiful Soul.

I guess her increasing popularity with the other TV shows or movies prompted her to look for more money from Starz.

In Brandt's place, Starz cast Cynthia Addai-Robinson (pictured above with Manu Bennett) to play Naevia.  If you watched the 2009 TV show FlashForward, you might recognize her.  Otherwise she's done a few guest TV spots through the last few years.


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  2. Naevia, Lesley-Ann Brandt should not refuse her role from "Spartacus Vengeance" series due to little financial agreement. We, the viewers looking her for long times with this character. But new one (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) is not familiar with this character as she (Lesley-Ann Brandt) was. As much as i saw Cynthia Addai-Robinson acts as a child acts. She has no personality as old one had, no attitude as old one had. Starz could find a better match with the character 'Neavia'. Though circumstantially changes of Andy Whitfield took affect to viewers,but we are satisfied with the new character, Liam McIntyre doing well. But I think 'Crixus' is upset with her new lover....ha ha ha....apology!!!! Thanks....and Sorry for negative comment...I love this SPARTACUS SERIES...

  3. The new actress doesn't cut it. Not her fault really. Starz should have made more of an effort to re-sign Brandt. Neavia was her character. She put her stamp all over it. The new actress seems like a completely different character. Sorry Starz, you blew it. If you couldn't replace her properly, you should have written her out. This re-casting is really throwing off my viewing of the show.

  4. The new "Naevia" is really horrible. She can only whine and act poorly. I used to like Naevia and take an interest into her love story with Crixus, but now nothing feels right about it. Absolutely miscast, and it ruined the "Revenge on Ashur" showdown. That scene sucked big time in all ways, and starz really blew it, the character would have been better off by killing her than turning her into an utterly anti-climatic annoyance. Love the series, though, and can't wait for the final season (killing Naevia in Episode 1, I hope)

  5. Well would you look at that, hindsight is 20/20. Happy to see Cynthia Addai Robinson is prospering in her career, despite her initial haters.

  6. The old naevia was the perfect love match for crixus and their love story increased crixsus popularity among the viewers. The new one ... .they should have done a better jor re-signing the old one.
    Love the show.

  7. if i were Lesley-Ann Brandt,i would played my role voluntarily as "Crixu's great love".He is gorgious man,real man,i admire Manu Bennet,he is very talented actor.I like him so much!

  8. The superior talent of the new Naevia was obvious from the very first scene when Crixus finds her in the mines. Lesley Ann Brandt was quite dull and lifeless in the role; Naevia than was just there for Crixus’ character development. Cynthia Addai-Robinson completely outshone the first Naevia, she should have played this role from the beginning as she is a more genuine actress and had more chemistry with Manu Bennett.
    The directors clearly noticed this as well as they did not even bother to put Lesley’s name or image in the series finale ending credits.


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