Who's The New Girl in The Carl's Jr. Ad?

When I first saw the latest TV ads for Carl's Jr., I wondered who the new girl in the ad was?  For a fleeting second I thought it was Britney Spears.  (I said fleeting...)

It turns out this new blonde salesperson for the hot Southwest Patty Melt from Hardee's and Carl's Jr. is the lovely Kate Upton.

I've seen reports that this campaign is aimed at the teen male demographic.  I might disagree with that, and I would suggest the removal of the term teen.  I'm betting ALL male demographics would be a more fair estimation.

She was born June 10th, 1992 (M'god, was that like yesterday?) and was the Sports Illustrated 2011 issue rookie and the 2012 cover model for the publication.

She started her modeling career in 2008 when she hit up a casting call for Elite Model Management and was signed by those smart folks that same day.

She's worked or had shoots for Garage, Dooney & Bourke, Guess, Victoria's Secret and a few others.


The below version was the version that was shot for the Super Bowl, but never made it.  Instead, we've been seeing the shorter version on TV.

Director's Cut Carl's Jr Ad with Kate Upton


Behind The Scenes with Kate Upton and Carl's Jr.


And yes, it's the same Kate Upton who did the Dougie and when it landed on YouTube, it exploded into a viral hit in early 2011...



Here's a great SoBe ad series she does....