TV Review Of Sorts Of 'Abominable Snowman' on Syfy

Abominable Snowman on Syfy stars Adrian Paul (Highlander TV series), Nicholas Boulton (Doctors), Chuck Campbell (Sanctuary, Stargate Atlantis), Sean Teale (Skins) and other hapless victims.

The movie starts out with two climbers in a snowy, frozen mountain of sorts.  It doesn't take long for the big hairy man-beast to show up and make short work of them.  (Our standard prerequisite early deaths have been delivered!)

But wait!

After these first quick movie deaths, we then watch an unrelated third party, Brian, being dropped off on the top of the snowy mountain.  After a bit of hiking he finds large footprints in the snow and says "I got you!"

He tracks the beast into the night, but it finds him.  "Game over man!!!" As Hudson would say in Aliens.

We switch to Nina, Brian's sister, who is looking for him, finds his paperwork, maps, and what not.  She has a bad feeling and calls in a missing person's report.

A little bit of serious conversation in a bar and we meet another character that knows Brian and Nina.  We then meet Adrian Paul's character and his sob story.

The next day we watch a pair of search and rescue skiers on the mountain.... and the beast finds them.

That's five deaths in the first 20 minutes of this fine Saturday night TV movie on Syfy!  Oh what fun, because that has to be some huge Syfy Saturday night movie record!

There's more... because after we return from commercial, with a storm coming in, and two missing search and rescue professionals, a few ex-military guys and a group of kids think they can do better and head off to the mountain to die.

I mean, hey, what could go wrong!


With flat acting, even from Adrian Paul, an abominable snowman that looks more like a giant mutant rat-wolf, the tension in the air could be cut with a harsh cough.

With that said, if you see this movie on your TV schedule, you will be proceeding at your own risk!

It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but there wasn't much keeping me from channel surfing.

'Nuff said?