Upcoming Movie Trailers During the '2013 Super Bowl'

'Iron Man 3' 2013 Super Bowl movie trailers

Ah, the 2013 Super Bowl.  The time when the ads used to be incredible and you would wait with bated breath for each new commercial.  Of late, the commercials have been cute, but not really incredible.  I think the biggest one over the last few years was the Volkswagen Mini-Vader ad.  That was just cute beyond cute.  (See below)

But amongst the ads are the much coveted brain-candy of movie trailers that will premiere during the big game.

So let's take a peek at what's coming up during the game... where 47 commercials will air, costing millions per minute, because they know you'll be watching!

Star Trek Into Darkness marketing team has the movie trailer tied into their app.  This trailer will air during the 2nd quarter.

Fast and the Furious Six with Vin Diesel will have an ad.

Iron Man 3 starring Robert Downey Jr., will have a thirty-second spot and a sixty-second trailer.

Oblivion with Tom Cruise will air.

The Lone Ranger will deliver a ninety-second movie trailer during the first quarter.

Oz, The Great and Powerful will also air.


And now, the cutest TV ad ever (Or close to it) for the Super Bowl VW Darth Vader Ad, titled "The Force: Volkswagen Commercial":