Super Bowl Clydesdale Ad Is Not for The Weak of Heart

If you were watching the Super Bowl, near the end of the 3rd quarter, or beginning of the 4th quarter, Budweiser lobbed their usual Clydesdale TV ad.

I put this ad up a few days back and I thought by now, that I would be toughened up to the emotions this ad stirs up.  A man raises his baby horse and we're shown a few personal moments between him and the horse.

Obviously, he sells his horse to Budweiser because his buddy makes the Clydesdale team.  But it's a sad parting.

Later, the man see's that the Budweiser horses will be in town and goes to see his buddy.  I'll leave the rest for you to see.  If you have any size of a heart, this pulls on those strings... and with my household, having recently lost our 13-year old lab, well, we're easy victims to the heart string story lines...