About Christopher Nolan's Msytery Sci-Fi Movie, 'Interstellar'

In case you had not heard, Christopher Nolan is creating yet another, sure to be, blockbuster movie titled Interstellar.  He's the Writer (screenplay), Director, and Producer.  The screenplay is co-written with his brother, Jonathan Nolan.


As is par for the course, he's keeping things under wraps, but here's what we do know.

The cast includes two reliable standby's from the Nolan cast-o-verse, Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine.  Other cast includes Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, Casey Affleck and Bill Irwin.

Very recent news reports say that Timothee Chalamet (Homeland) and Mackenzie Foy (The Twilight Saga) have, might or are joining the cast.

There is no film synopsis, perse, for Interstellar, but one summary puts it as,

"An exploration of physicist Kip Thorne's theories of gravity fields, wormholes and several hypotheses that Albert Einstein was never able to prove."

Kip Thorne is a theoretical physicist, and has contributed much to the scientific world of gravitational physics and astrophysics.  And he's buddies with Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan.

His particular talent is being able to deliver his scientific discoveries in such a way that even the scientific layman can not only understand it, but get excited about it.

What's interesting about one theory in particular of Thorne's that I think MIGHT IMPACT the story line of Interstellar, is that he has a theory that wormholes could be used for time travel.

More importantly, his study or theorems suggest that

"none of the supposed paradoxes formulated in time travel stories can actually be formulated at a precise physical level: that is, that any situation in a time travel story turns out to permit many consistent solutions." (quote from wikipedia)

But his most prolific exposure comes from his book, pubbed in six languages, Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy (Commonwealth Fund Book Program) <- Amazon link.

I'll let you do the math!

All I'm guessing about Interstellar is that it will probably have yet another ambiguous Nolan ending where things look like everyone dies, and yet, we won't know for sure because the spinning top will wobble for just a second before splitting to the credits during a mystery nuclear explosion near the ship that probably has broken controls.

Interstellar is due out in theaters on November of 2014.
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