Hey Ladies, Charlie Hunnam Just Landed the Lead Role in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

The latest news on the street is that Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim) landed the lead role in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, opposite his co-star, Dakota Johnson.

Author EL James broke the news on her Twitter account.  (She can, she's producing the movie!)

Charlie Hunnam still from 'Pacific Rim' - landed the lead in FIFTY SHADES OF GREY


Ya know, even though (reportedly) the book spawned record breaking sales in rope and other "extras" one might find in the bedroom, I've pretty much not really been drawn to the Fify Shades of Grey book(s).  (There's three of them)

All I know about the book, I read over on Wikipedia.  {The story is pretty much spelled out there...  }

And that was that.

Dakota Johnson in Ben and Kate, lands lead role in FIFTY SHADES of GREY

I never thought the movie, beyond the fact that Universal and Focus charged through hoops to put up the money to make a film adaptation, would amount to much that would get my attention.

Except I didn't see this coming, one of my favorite action stars, Charlie Hunnam, landing the lead role of Christian Grey.


I think this is good for both the movie and the cast.

For one, their (female) fans will probably follow them to the film, meaning, hit up theaters.  Another is that if this is done well, it will help (at least Hunnam) break their expected acting mold.

Or wreck it.

All I know Hunnam from is his role on Sons of Anarchy and the movie, Pacific Rim.  But he's been in TV shows like Undeclared, Queer as Folk and movies such as Deadfall, Children of Men, and Green Street Hooligans.

(I need to play catch up on what he's done!)

I saw a piece that made note of the fact that Pacific Rim partially failed because of the unknown lead actor.  (I had choice words on that one, but they might have been biased because I've enjoyed his work.)

So at least Hunnam has a bit of battle in front of him.  Maybe.  I think this might be a cake walk for Johnson.


Sometimes I look at who is directing an upcoming movie to gauge its potential.

In this case, the movie is being directedby Sam Taylor-Johnson.  Her resume includes the directorial effort of Nowhere Boy and a few shorts prior to and after that.  That movie starred Aaron Johnson and on IMDb, netted a 7.1 user rating and was noted for a few awards it received also.

Kelly Marcel created the script adaptation.  Kelley's experience includes the failed TV project Terra Nova, and as a script editor for the movie Bronson.

OK...  there might be hope.

Fifty Shades of Grey is due out in theaters in August 2014.


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