‘Sons of Anarchy’ S6, ep8: ‘Los Fantasmas’ Recap fr 10-29-13, "Love wrapped around secrets and hate."

‘Sons of Anarchy’ S6, ep8: ‘Los Fantasmas’ Recap

Tonight's episode of Sons of Anarchy hit home on many levels, across the board.


A wedge between Jax and Gemma has finally happened.  Nero tries to sacrifice himself to the DA, while Tara and Wendy are both buckling under the pressure of what they've done and are dealing with it in their own ways.

The episode opens with Jax sitting with his kid, then chatting with Tara.  It's evident Tara's plan worked and Gemma is on her own.

At the police station, Gemma tells Eli about Tara's scheming and stunt.   Margaret Murphy and Wendy were "witnesses" that were never in the room, and Gemma believes that Tara was never pregnant.

Over at the candy store, Jax calls an all-hands meeting after seeing a newspaper headline about the shooting being tied to local gangs.  The newspaper headline is part of a plan by the DA to put pressure where she can.  And she's there pushing Nero to give it all up.

Wayne visits Tara telling her it breaks his heart to see how she has become so wrong to get something right done.  He puts distance between them.  He heads off to pick up Gemma from jail.

SONS OF ANARCHY Los Fantasmas recap -- Episode 608 -- Airs Tuesday, October 29, 10:00 pm e/p) -- Pictured: (L-R) Rey Gallegos as Fiasco, Tommy Flanagan as Filip 'Chibs' Telford, Charlie Hunnam as Jackson 'Jax' Teller

Jax visits Nero's guys and tells them to keep their cool.  Then a drive-by takes place, killing one of Nero's guys by running him over.  Pretty graphic.

Did anyone notice that Juice stood in the path of the car, not budging, and the car went around him?  Is Juice still suicidal?

Wayne gives Gemma a ride home from jail, and she pushes Wayne for info.  Wayne lets her have it about her unnatural level of control over her family.  Finally, someone tells her how they see it.

"Love wrapped around secrets and hate."  As Wayne put it.


Tara's lawyer is updating her on the restraining order, and Tara is pretty short with her.  Tara's having issues with her own tactics.  She has to talk herself down from getting upset.

DA Patterson calls in Barosky, asking him to find out about who was involved in the hit and run that took place.  She's trying to threaten him with potential budget plans that will impact his own guys on the port.

Wendy comes across Jax, they had a quickie chat about his kids not growing up being hated.  He wants nothing to do with her.  Still.

Nero calls a one-on-one meet with the DA.  Tells her he'll give up the source of the guns, if she will make sure his kid gets the best care for the rest of his life.  He then tells her the gun in the school shooting came from him.


Tara and Bobby - She questions if SAMCRO can hack a legitimate business.  Bobby seems to sense something, and begs her not to leave Jax.

The gangs find the car that killed Nero's guy.  But Nero's guy is hot to get even, and Jax has to try and keep them in line.

Eli tells the DA that Toric killed the escort, but she says she isn't dropping the charges.  Eli seems to dislike her drive for justice, no matter what.

Turns out the hit-and-run driver had his kid killed in the school shooting.  The cops show up, but the driver slices his own throat.  The DA comes in on the scene but isn't happy to find out the situation.

Gemma and Wendy run into each other.  (Yikes!)  Wendy asks her what side of the fence she wants to be on when Jax finds out what she's done.  She gives Gemma her gun back.  She's not wanting much more to do with the fabrications she's a part of.

Gemma runs into Jax at the hospital and tells him what happened with Tara, but Jax calls her a liar and "a sick, twisted bitch.

"Grandma is dead."

For what ever reason, Wendy is back on the juice.  Too sad.  This is a wrench that could impact Tara's overall plan.

The DA came at Nero with pics of the dead kids, angling the guilt trip of the deaths.  She let him go.  She lost this round.

The episode closes with Jax asking Tara to let him back in.  He too senses something, but isn't too privy on exactly what's up.

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