Comcast Has a Funny Sense of "JUST IN"

Comcast logo - Their idea of movies just in seems lacking

It's late April of 2014I thought I'd check out what new movies came to Comcast's Video on Demand service, and to be honest, I have to think they have a very liberal outline of what's "Just In."

12 Years a Slave,


Cloudy/Meatballs 2,

Ender's Game,

Catching Fire,

Last Vegas,


Thor/Dark World,

and so forth. Release dates range from Sept to Dec of 2013.

I do believe their idea of "Just In" seems to be revamped just a bit.  Of course, they're leaving these much older titles in the listing to keep catching consumer eyeballs, considering their latest marketing scheme is that you can now rent and/or buy movies via their service.

Which in and of itself, is not a terrible thing, but I've also noticed that Comcast sometimes has new releases that are only available for purchase, versus both options of purchase and rental.

It seems sneaky and to be honest, sneaky is what works because consumers put up with it and even succumb to it when they say, what the heck.

As it is, Comcast tends to lead the trend on various fronts.  Recently it was noted that they were choking the feed rate of Netflix streaming until Netflix paid up on some contractual scnerion.

Kind of puts "net nuetrality" to shame with those kinds of practices, but it's what they do and they'll probably be the leading cause of net censorship.

Then again, this from a company whose VoD menu is not conducive to backing out of a TV show to see the menu the show is under, but forces you to go back to scratch and start navigating all over again back to the show's slot.  Ug.

OK, this vent of done with.  -Bruce
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