Mark Wahlberg in Transformers: Age of Extinction, a review

If you love the Transformers film franchise then I believe you will thoroughly enjoy this new chapter in the tale of our interstellar alien robots, Transformers Age of Extinction.

It tackles the story of the aftermath of the battle in Chicago. And it's not a pretty one.

If you're one who likes to go to movies to nitpick, this new chapter will keep you busy here and there because you will find moments that are a bit disconnected but not tragic.

Though I was confused in the closing scene by one particular deed, you have to remember that this is a popcorn flick about the Hasbro toy line. It is what it is and its a big bundle of CGI sci fi fun.

Oh... And yes, it's almost three hours long but it did not wear me down feeling like it was too long like some movies can or do.


The story opens with a few quick intro points.

First, we watch a ship arrive at a planet with dinosaurs and drop something that explodes and turns everything in the immediate region to metal.

Then we see an archaeological dig being stopped because they found a metal dinosaur dating back to the days they ran free.

Then, we visit Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), the wannabe inventor who is behind on all his bills and seems not be able to take complete care of himself, if it weren't for the long-legged, shapely daughter of his, Tessa (Nicola Peltz).

Wahlberg had fun with this role, and Peltz was nice to see and not distracting in her character delivery. For a Transformers movie. Though the point of being a single parent seemed driven home a few too many times.

Cade seems to like to try and invent things and buy things he can fix... despite a garage full of stuff that never made it out the front door.  That is, until he locates that old truck collecting dust and needs a tow home.  Oh goodie, more junk in the garage.

But as you might have seen in the trailers, he slowly discovers its more than a truck, but a transformer, and he wants to figure out how they work so he can create the next best invention.  But he wakes the truck up.

Unbeknownst to Cade, a group of CIA operatives are on their way to collect the truck. You see, there's a government conspiracy underway, under the guise of being out to kill off or capture loose Decepticons, but in truth, CIA operative Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammar) is spearheading the operation to destroy ALL Transformers.

Grammar felt like he was mailing in the role. He was so cold it just felt distracting.

And he's working in conjunction with Joshua Joyca (Stanley Tucci), helping Joyce build their own robots like the Transformers, in the hopes of cornering the market in the next best thing.

Tucci delivered, like he always does.

And Optimus Prime is pretty much pissed at all humanity since the good and the bad Transformers are being killed off.

And thus the journey of the story starts, as we're pulled along this bleak post-Chicago era where there are rewards for reporting Autobots or Decepticons and friend and foe alien alike, must hide out where they can.


The feds show up at Cade's farm and from that point forward, we have story peppered with action, and slightly peppered with situational humor that this time around, doesn't seem to fit in most spots.  The overall tone of this world is so somber that the humor doesn't pull the viewer out of the darkness of it all.

But the story progresses, and the groundwork is set for this new realm of the franchise.  It's not a reboot but it almost might as well be, considering how much is new and different.  And not once, was there any reference to Sam or anyone else from past films.

As a Transformers movie goes, the multiple story lines are done well and keeps you engaged.  The film doesn't kill you with that daunting length and it's enjoyable.  But the ending confounded me just a tiny bit. But it's not a showstopper.  In fact, it set the stage for the locale of the next film, if there is going to be another one that Michael Bay "won't be doing."

As a popcorn flick goes, I'd give it a popcorn 9/10. They figured out how to keep it different and fresh without stretching it too much.


Yes, I distinctly did not mention the Dinobots and they are in there, but I'd rather not say when or where and leave that up to you to discover them.





Transformers Age of Extinction Huge Movie SPOILERS

I thought they went in a pretty decent direction with the story and how everyone felt about each other.  And it's almost sad to see the Autobots being hunted just like the Decepticons.

BumbleBee seems a bit more edgy in attitude, but not in a good way.  He's different and I'm nor sure I liked it.

The voice behind Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen, seems different and I'm not sure that's a design intention or that he's getting old.

We have several totally new Transformers and the old gang IS GONE, with the exception of Bumblebee and the small guy from way back, that got stuffed in a tool box my Megan Fox.

Tucci was wonderful as his character figured out he was being played and suddenly turned sides to fix the error of his way.

On Grammar mailing in his role: For a while, I swear, he was going to turn into a Decepticon!


The Dinobots are prisoners on another ship that Optimus frees and convinces them to join his cause, and there's one more character in this mix that makes a return, that is both surprising in revelation and yet, not. I mean, it is Transformers.

So how many times has Optimus found himself flying near the end of the movie, with the help of added equipment.  Well this time, in the closing scene, he just ups and leaves the planet, but boot jets.  And I never saw when that development came about.

That was the confusing part of all this, when it took place that he could fly, but hey, who cares.

It was still a fun movie and despite the length, didn't kill me with boredom.



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