THE BACHELOR's Nikki is such a raging b*! on COUPLE's THERAPY

The present season of Couples Therapy has Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell, of The Bachelor fame, on the show. (Along with the usual other number of train wrecks that join the series.) But on this show, at first I thought, "Oh my god, I thought I was done with this guy."  But surprisingly, he's been the good guy IN THIS SHOW!

Wait, what?

Now we all know how reality programs are more or less fairly staged... like the rumor debacle of how Evil Dick (Who is on the show) has some girl posing as his ex-girlfriend just to be on the show.  But I digress.  (But his opinions can be pretty funny)

In the first few episodes Nikki was having these explosive, foul-mouthed fits with the production crew.

The production crew was being chased off, being told to f-off, go f themselves, etc., by Nikki!

This is truly a dark side of Nikki we never saw while she was prancing around on The Bachelor, competing to win the man.  But now she and that man seem to be having problems and signed up for the show.  Except, while the camera crew tries to get snippets and quips from Nikki and Juan Pablo, but all she seems to say, sometimes laced with profanity, is...

"This isn't what I signed up for."

Um... Nikki? Check the title of the show.

Anyway, it's very surprising to see this angry dark side of the girl.

BTW: Jenna Jameson is also on the show and wow, what an over-compensating basketcase of a human! I love when she starts something and when she's called on it, she attacks the person calling her on it, blaming them for starting something.

The show is a train wreck... sometimes I can't help but watch.
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