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Justice League Movie Details

Director Zack Snyder has been dishing on some details about some upcoming WB/DC movies, including the extended DC universe and the upcoming Justice League movie. But these are more generally looking at the outline of thoughts about the DC Film Universe, or whatever they're calling it to try and stay unique and apart from Marvel's huge success.

Snyder states the obvious by saying that their shared universe will be one giant story, with the JL concept kept in mind, while they build the individual stories up to it.

This means that the directors of the other films, (Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Aquaman) can do what they want, but they must keep the overall scheme of the end product in mind, as they point towards that end-goal when many of these films come together.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters in March of 2016 and Justice League Part One opens in November of 2017.

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We've recently learned Batman's role in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie and other details about the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie in an Empire Magazine article.


It was said that Christopher Nolan set a wonderful tone with his Dark Knight movies that separated DC/WB character movies from Marvel. (CS: That being minimal humor and a serious, dramatic tone, versus the light-hearted fun that billion dollar making MCU puts out!)

I've been posting Batman v Superman images on our FB page.

The Following Could be CONSIDERED SLIGHT SPOILERS to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, so...






-That role that Batman plays in Suicide Squad, is said that he was the one that has, at one point or another, put them (the squad) all in jail. Plus that quip we see of Batman riding on top of a car that Harley Quinn is driving is probably a flashback to when she got captures by Bats.

-What was said could be considered light spoilers to the outline of the movies, but folks seem to think that, with Batman being in his mid-40s, Robin has already died, and it is possible that Commissioner Gordon is also dead by now.

-In an interesting angle to the film of BvS, Batman could be considered the bad guy. (I think it's all in perspective, because if they're taking their tone from the Frank Miller short series, then Superman is the government's lackey and getting out of control and Batman steps up to put a stop to it. IF that's their source and story. But in that story, Bats and Supes knew each other and Clark gave Bruce something to use if he ever goes rogue. And you KNOW what I'm talking about. Right?)

-Bruce Wayne will not be living in Wayne Manor.

-Clark and Lois are living together.

-We know that Jason Momoa has been cast in the role of Aquaman BUT it will only be a fleeting glimpse. As Snyder put it, movie viewers will understand that he exists. (And I guess nothing more.) 


If the rumors I heard were true, we see Aquaman in a video feed, showing that he's been captured, and possibly by Lex Luthor, but I may not be recalling accurately on that one. 


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Not Sure if you heard, but unlike most major players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Michael Douglas who plays Hank Pym in Ant-Man says he only had a one-film deal with Marvel.

My first reaction is wow, why? But then I have seen various reports on how frugal Marvel can be when it comes to signing up talent, and maybe Douglas just outright cost too much for them?

I don't know, but it seems a bit sad we won't possibly see Dr. Pym pursuing other developments that came up during Ant-Man. (No, I'm not spoiling anything here)

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