DANCE MOMS Likely Cancelled After Abby Lee Miller Indictment

DANCE MOMS Likely Cancelled After Abby Lee Miller Indictment

We've been watching Dance Moms for quite a few years. I've always hated how she acted around and treated the children on the show. It was borderline abuse sometimes. And never mind the behavior of the mothers around their children.

Then over the years I've seen online rumors about some ill-repute with Abby Lee Miller. But online rumors are just that... no better than the hot air it took to breathe while typing them up.

But now Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Miller is being indicted on 20 counts of fraud, for having hidden over $755k in income from her hit Lifetime series and Miller is looking at up to five years in prison for her (alleged) greed.

It's not just hiding the income that she's in trouble for, but she was hiding her money while reorganizing under her 2010 Chapter 11 petition.  She used secret bank accounts, and even dragged family members into it.

What a piece of work.


All these seasons of watching her show, watching these kids work hard for her, and she had to get greedy. These kids trusted her and for what? Now they're in limbo.

I'm getting tired of watching these personalities on TV build a fan base and people starting to like this image the personalities build up and then to realize, that's all it is, a marketing spin image.

I'm tired of getting lied to be some of these people.


Lifetime had just started filming season six of Dance Moms...  would it not be hilarious if they just kept going and let that bitter Candy Apples woman take over the studio and show? Wow, now THAT would be one hell of prison torture sentence

Check out all the details, and there are a lot of them, over at Deadline.

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