For those of you who might notice or are counting, The CW ordered more episodes of iZombie and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.


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FX has renewed the oddly curious, based on "real" events series, Fargo, for a third season!

Right now we're watching the second season that stars Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Patrick Wilson, Ted Danson, Jeffrey Donovan, Jean Smart, Nick Offerman, Brad Garrett and Kieran Culkin.

If you're watching you might have noticed the weight that Plemmons put on for this show... yikes.

Loving Patrick Wilson and Ted Danson in the show, and Jeffrey Donovan, at first glance, I did not recognize.

It's a confounding and entertaining series to far, with definite quirks and oddness coming out of 1979!

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Guess Who's Coming Back to Arrow?

Roy Harper, played by Colton Haynes is coming back to the series. But it will only be for one episode. To be honest though I like the premise of "Speedy," I am getting very frustrated with the Thea (Willa Holland) character.

Thea's fight sequences aren't delivering because Holland is delivering super slow hits and moves. And that puffy upper lip of hers ain't helping either!

Just saying.

Otherwise, I am loving the story-telling in the show to date, the inclusion of Constantine, Damien Dahrk and some of the other threads that are showing up that are setting up for the spinoff, Legends of Tomorrow.

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