Who Was Vincent Villanueva, THE BACHELOR

At the end of the premiere of ABC's The Bachelor, we saw a memorium stating,

In Loving Memory
Vincent Villanueva
1963 - 2015

Vincent's career focus was that of "Sound Department" or sound mixer work on various entertainment projects, including different Bachelor shows on ABC.

If my web research is correct, he passed from complications with lung disease. (See the 'go fund me' link... I believe the 'fund me' link is correct because the age is correct... but otherwise, I have nothing else to go on.)

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends...

Thanks to site commentor Chris, he confirmed my info with this memorial link from The Pueblo Chieftan.

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gofundme.com: Funeral Funding Request

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  1. http://www.chieftain.com/mobile/msearch/4141882-123/villanueva-vincent-2015-andrew

    1. Thanks Chris... when I get a moment, I will update this piece. -Bruce

    2. Vincent & I were together for 8yrs. He developed lung disease (unbeknownst to him till early October). He passed away in the early hours of October 24th. It's been devastating to me losing the love of my life. He left the me with countless memories, one being just a week before he passed. He said to me "you've been my wife for 8yrs", since we never married, that meant the world to me. I will forever love Vincent ❤

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  3. I was Vince's Best-Friend for 27 years when he passed, he developed fungus in his lung. He was devoted to his career, his sons, his sister and her family, and all of my family. He is greatly missed everyday by all of the people that truely knew him RIP my dearest and best friend... I will love you forever. Terrie Temple


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