Do you remember the 2001 movie Training Day, with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, where Washington played a cop with huge ethically challenged policies? (Kind of like Shades of Blue is now...).

Well, CBS has ordered up a pilot episode of a series by the same name, with the same premise, "reimagining" the film and the executive team behind it will be the original director, Antoine Fuqua and the Jerry Bruckheimer production company.

Meaning crooked cops, great story, lots of bang and action, driving up the volume of TV ads.*

Aaand don't forget,

CBS is also pumping out another movie-based TV series, Rush Hour.

I see what's happening... let's throw a bunch of pilots out there fishing for viewers and we'll see which mix lands better, comedic action or morbid action.

*TV commercials are not allowed to be any louder than the show they are aired in. So most shows always have a loud moment in them to help ads be louder.


DC's Green Lantern will be represented in the Justice League movie... because Geoff Johns reported the other day in that TV special on The CW a bit back that we'll be seeing the Green Lantern Corp... then they splash screened images of what looked like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner and Simon Baz characters.

This could be great news for Green Lantern fans or it could serve as a warning.

When you know that the Justice League movie will have a Green Lantern character in it, your first reaction is a good one. But when you start seeing that there could be several if not many members of the Green Lantern Corp in the Justice League movie, I start to worry that there will be so many of them that the focus on any one or the corp itself is getting relegated to a B-story part of the film.

I don't want fleeting moments of my favorite characters, I want story focus. But if we have the entire corp "represented" somehow, well, I hope it's a good kind of focus.

Either way, my lack of trust of executive production teams has tainted my hopes with this announcement. But I will remain hopeful enough that at least we will be getting something.

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