I Just Watched The Last LIMITLESS Episode And I Am Bummed

I just watched the series finale of Limitless and though I was slightly bored with the series, the last few episodes really picked up the game for me. But alas, with CBS having just announced they cancelled Limitless this last week, I am sad to see the show go.

Brought to television by the man who starred in the original 2011 movie by the same name, Bradley Cooper, the series continued the story of different people manipulating the brain enhancing drug, NZT.

The following contains spoilers...

LIMITLESS series review, farewell Limitless
 Wait? We were cancelled?

Through the series we followed an ordinary man named Brian (Jake McDorman) used by the FBI, teaming up with Agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter) to solve crimes in hours or days that most agents would weeks, if even.

The FBI was giving Brian NZT to be able to solve the crimes. Unbeknownst to the FBI, Brian was able to resist the side affects of NZT because Senator Morra (the original character from the movie, played again by Bradley Cooper) was getting a shot to Brian that helped him not have side affects.

Colin Salmon in Limitless
 Anything Colin Salmon is in just gets even better!

Throughout the series Morra pulled the strings of Brian, but then Jarrod Sands (Colin Salmon) showed up playing the muscle of Morra to make sure that Brian did not threaten their existence by giving them up.

Sands turns on Morra and becomes the primary threat because behind the scenes, Sands created his own team of NZT enhanced associates and suddenly Sands is running the show.

And trust me, a man on NZT is a formidable opponent that can think of EVERYTHING possible in any situation.

Things got complicated as the season wore on and Brian lost his immunity shots because he started to go up against both Sands and Morra, so this made him useless to the FBI.

But his girlfriend, Piper (Georgina Haig), being a brilliant young lady, found herself kidnapped because she knew how to make NZT AND the immunity shot.

This drove Brian to take more NZT, dispite not having the booster shot to give him immunity to the NZT pills.

As the final two episodes wore on, Sands released NZT on the streets but Brian figured out what was up and helped the FBI find and stop Sands.

In the end Piper escaped, had made a permanent booster shot that she gave to Brian and disappeared with the other shot because she knew no government should have it.

The series ended with the FBI knowing that NZT was out there and now that Brian was permanently immune to the side effects, the FBI took him back in to help find, fight and defeat any and all of the NZT powered crooks.


The season (and now series) finale ended in such a way that felt like a great, picture perfect ending for the season. As if the producers knew this was their last episode.

Thankfully, because fans hate when a show gets cancelled on a cliffhanger.

I enjoyed the quirky thought processes that Brian had in his own head and additionally, the stunts he pulled on his bodyguards to lose them were also of a fun kind of humor. At their expense.

The supporting cast was great, filling out the edges of the story nicely. Those being Hill Harper, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Tom Degnan, Michael James Shaw, and Ron Rifkin.

I will miss this void that Limitless filled. It was not a critical spot in my schedule, but it was fun to binge on in the quiet moments of the week.

As far as this show getting any kind of alternate life line to continue on, the word on the street that it is cancelled, as in hard cancelled. It won't be showing up anywhere else. At least that's what CBS is saying right now.

Goodbye Limitless, thanks for the fun of the one season.

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