BLEACH on BD, VIZ And RWBY, Jack Kirby's FF on IDW

Below are some news bits about Bleach coming to Blu-ray, a quick note on Viz bringing RWBY under their collective and a full press release about IDW's Artist's Edition of Fantastic Four, with Jack Kirby art.

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via press releases:

The beloved and smash hit BLEACH anime series is now available on Blu-ray at favorite retailers everywhere! BLEACH Set 1 brings the supernatural action fun to new and current fans, complete and uncut in a 27 episode collection perfect for summer screening!

Based on a smash hit manga created by Tite Kubo, the series has charmed fans worldwide with merchandise in all categories in more than a dozen countries! In the anime, Ichigo, a 15 year old student with the ability to see ghosts, encounters Soul Reaper Rukia when his family is attacked by a Hollow, a malevolent lost soul. Inadvertently absorbing Rukia's powers, Ichigo is now dedicating his life to protecting the innocent and helping tortured souls find peace!

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VIZ Media announces a partnership with Rooster Teeth, the Austin, TX-based entertainment and media company behind the globally acclaimed animated series RWBY. VIZ Media and Rooster Teeth will focus on developing products based on RWBY  across a variety of publishing formats, starting in 2017. The first will be the release of the RWBY manga series.

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Europe Comics & Cinebook debut on comiXology,  with over 45 French bandes dessinĂ©es available digitally in English for the first time on comiXology

Titles include XIII, Largo Winch, Lucky Luke, Thorgal and Valerian

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Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition Coming from IDW!

January 2017 will see the release of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition, collecting multiple complete stories, all captured directly from Jack Kirby’s original art. This will be the second Artist’s Edition of Kirby’s immensely popular and influential Marvel work, following the recent release of the highly anticipated Jack Kirby’s The Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition.

"These issues of Fantastic Four represent Jack Kirby operating at the top of his game, which is about as high a compliment as I can pay a comic book,” said noted comics historian and Kirby biographer Mark Evanier. "As a reader, I felt like the fifth member of the Fantastic Four—and that was in the small format with the bad printing. When I get the IDW book, I will probably want to move into it and live there."

Kirby’s work on the Fantastic Four, with his long-time collaborator Stan Lee, is considered to be some of the finest comics ever done. Adding to the prestige, legendary inker Joe Sinnott embellished all the pages in this book. This breathtaking volume will include Issues #82 and #83 (guest-starring the Inhumans), and the 48-page epic from Fantastic Four Annual #6, featuring the birth of Franklin Richards, plus more!

“Kirby’s inventive story-telling set the bar that Marvel has honored for decades,” says David Gabriel, SVP Sales & Marketing, Marvel Comics. “We couldn’t be prouder to see this fantastic work made available in this new prestige over-sized format that pays tribute to Jack ‘The King’ Kirby’s exemplary talent and skill.”

“What better way is there to kick off Jack Kirby’s centennial birthday year than by releasing our first Kirby Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition?” said editor (and life-long Kirby fan) Scott Dunbier. “And did you catch how I said first?”

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