I do not know why, but Syfy has renewed "Wynonna Earp" for a full, 10-episode second season.

When I checked it out back when it premiered, it was OK, but it just felt like The CW's "Supernatural," but just set in a western feel. It added nothing for me, so I bailed. A few of my other peers did the same.


Here's a popular bit, where Paget Brewseter will be guesting in a few episodes of the upcoming season of "Criminal Minds." Her character, Emily Prentiss, will be joining the team when a number of serial killers escape jail.

She was a popular character/actress and I think many will enjoy seeing her back for a few.


Just a reminder that "The Walking Dead" will be premiering its seventh season on Sunday, October 23rd. Like always, the season will be broken up into two mini, 8-episode seasons. 

Prior to season seven starting, there will be a retrospective show looking back at the last six seasons, airing on Sunday, October 16th.

I'm sick to my stomach wondering who it is they will be killing off. Does anyone have any clues?  I know what happens in the comic, but they've veered from the comic in various fashions. I hope they do that this time too.


Remember, Netflix has committed to a new “Mystery Science Theater 3000” reprisal, after a fantastic Kickstarter campaign.  It's also known as "MST3K."

In case you did not know, "MST3K" is not something new. It's actually been around, on and off, since 1988.

It started up on a local Minneapolis channel in 1988, then got picked up by Comedy Central (then Comedy Channel). It aired there until 1997.  Then the Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy) nabbed it for another three seasons.

This and other derivatives of the show, led by old MST3K cast, also branched out, like RiffTrax and then Cinematic Titanic of recent years.

And there ya have it.

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