BETTER CALL SAUL: Who Was Eric Justen?

At the end of the season premiere of Better Call Saul on AMC, we saw a notice saying,

"Dedicated to our friend,
Eric Justen."

Who was Eric Justen?

The bottom line, he was an Emmy-Nominated Breaking Bad Re-recording Mixer and he passed away from a heart attack.

He worked on all five seasons of Breaking Bad, also on notable shows like Elementary and Numbers. The rest of his resume was rounded out with The Mysteries of Laura, Pretty Little Liars, The Lottery, 666 Park Avenue, Suburgatory, Unforgettable, Human Target, Fringe, The Good Wife, Psych, and if you add it all up, he worked on 114 different projects/series.

It's obvious he contributed to many of today's great TV hits.

When you think about it, many only attribute the faces of cast to shows and what network they run on. And on occasion, who directed episodes. But there are many many folks behind the scenes that make up a good show. You have producers, directors, music, camera folks, editors, design, art, set, stunt, location, costume and makeup teams and their departments. The list is crazy long, and one of the more important, well, they're all equally important, but if you've ever seen a show or movie with subpar sound or visuals of effects, well, if you dwell on it, it takes a good editor to make their own department not stand out, but rather, to make the show a good experience all around.

On one show alone, I pulled up a list of almost 900 names in the production, and this list did not include all the assistants and support behind the scenes.


Bottom line, Eric was integral to our one of our favorite AMC shows and many many more. The industry will miss his contributions and our thoughts are with his frieds, peers and family on their loss.


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  1. I’m sure Eric was a great guy but why doesn’t this entry mention how he died how old he was shit like that that’s what we want to know just like most obituaries they don’t tell how the person died that’s what we want to know we’re relying on this information God bless Eric

    1. It says he died to a heart attack, I’m not sure when but just search it up and you’ll probably find out 👍


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