"The Walking Dead" Is dead, The Oscars Bore, "Suits" Gets A Spinoff

Suits ges a spinoff...


Yep, The Walking Dead finally got put on the back burner for us. While the Oscars could have been painful to watch live, we decided to DVR it, turn it on 90 minutes in and skip around to save our sanity.

I've been told that the latest episode of The Walking Dead was pretty much the same shit as all of the first half of this season with more ongoing battles, too many face close ups and well, just the same crap. In fact we opted to watch the boredom of The Oscars over watching The Walking Dead live because we're pretty tired of what is turning out to be one of the worse rated seasons of this show.

I don't know what the hell is happening, but this ongoing gun battle with no resolution, stupid camera time getting too close to faces and other little bits feels like TV time filler. We're at the point where we almost don't care any more.

If this keeps up, I may just relegate reading recaps of the boring dead rather than wasting my time watching it. It's so bad, we watched The Bachelor over pulling up The Walking Dead. Yea, that bad.

- - -

Did you know that The Oscars on ABC hit a nine-year low in TV ratings numbers this year with just over 32 million viewers boring the living crap out of themselves. To be honest, watching Hollywood kiss its own ass can be entertaining and not, all at once, while also watching them tiptoe through and around sensitive moral issues, depending on what's happening in society at the time.

For us, we didn't set a timer to record the show because we figured if we tune in late and hit up the record button, we'll catch the rerun. Except, they didn't have a rerun. SO we missed Kimmel's opening speech. Well, that gets marked into the whatever category then.

But we did start recording the show the moment we remembered it was on, then we waited a little over an hour to watch it. This way, we could skip the ads that pummeled viewers after almost every award, plus we could skip the painfully boring stuff like long 'about me and us' speeches and the musical interludes for "best song" category, which, in my mind, kind of suck. We want to see awards, not shows. If we wanted a show, we'd bring up a Disney or classic movie channel.

- - -

The Suits spinoff, that will be starring Gina Torres got itself a series order from USA Network. No premiere date has been announced yet.

There is a Sopranos prequel movie in the works with New Line Cinema, called The Many Saints of Newark.

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