"Walking Dead" In Theaters, Fox & USA Summer Premiere Dates

"The Walking Dead" Finale To be in Theaters...

AMC has decided to try a money grab by offering the season finale of The Walking Dead & premiere of Fear the Walking Dead on the big screen, via fathom events, on Sunday, April 15. As if this latest season wasn't crappy enough in the first half, at least the second half has improved. But if you want to participate in watching these episodes where the two shows will crossover, check out
 fathomevents - survival-sunday

I won't. It's too much to risk (money!) considering how crappy the season started out. I'd hate to go into the theater and be hit with more of that crap. Plus whenever I smell a crossover, that usually means one of the shows needs a boost from the other, so what better way to get folks migrated over than to move a character and have a few crossover events.

We'll see how it pans out.

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If you've ever watched CBS's Saturday morning "CBS Dream Team" block and wondering where new episodes have been, don't worry, it's returning on April 7th.  The lineup of half-hour shows, starting at 9am, will be

Lucky Dog
Dr. Chris Pet Vet
The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation
The Inspectors
Lucky Dog (a repeat)
Pet Vet Dream Team (a new show)

Looks like Cesar Milan is off the team!

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FYI: The upcoming Dancing With the Stars season on ABC this spring is going to be a very abbreviated four-week stint. Sniff, sniff... do you smell the cancellation monster lurking around the corner?

Hollywood Game Night was renewed for a sixth season by NBC.

Meet the Peetes was renewed by the Hallmark Channel. (2nd season)

Mickey and the Roadster Racers gets a third season renewal by Disney Junior.

The Sinner, starring Bill Pullman, got a second season nod from USA. The first season was great and Pullman truly delivered a unique and tortured soul for a detective. The second season will be a new crime investigation.

Travelers was renewed for a third season by Netflix.

When Calls the Heart was renewed by the Hallmark Channel. (6th season)

Will & Grace got a renewal nod to air on NBC through the 2020 TV season.


REMINDER: Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC premieres on Thursday, April 19th

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Fox Summer 2018 Premiere Dates
Beat Shazam, & Love Connection - May 29.
MasterChef, May 30
So You Think You Can Dance, season 15, June 4
Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back on June 13.


USA spring premiere dates:
-Suits (second half of season seven): March 28 (In case you missed it...)
-Colony (third season premiere): May 2
-Chrisley Knows Best (sixth season premiere): May 8
-The Cromarties (second half of season two): May 8
-Queen of the South (third season premiere): June 21
-Shooter (third season premiere): June 21

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