GREY'S ANATOMY: Who Was Shandra Edwards and Suzanne Gibbs?

At the end of the 14th season finale of Grey's Anatomy, we saw homage paid to two women:

IN Loving Memory
Shandra "SHA" Page Edwards
Suzanne Patmore Gibbs.

Patmore Gibbs was a TV executive who passed away from complications with a hernia surgery in March. She was 50. She was a mother of two.

Gibbs was responsible for getting Grey's Anatomy on ABC. In addition to Grey's, she also heralded to TV Desperate Housewives, Lost, The Blacklist, Masters of Sex and Outlander.


Page Edwards worked in the makeup department of Grey's Anatomy. Her last working credit was back in 2016.

Our thoughts go out to everyone's family and peers.

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  1. May she rest in Peace and may God Bless her family and my prayer are with them and her family at Grey's Anatomy cast and crew. Psalms 121

  2. ShA thank you for Greys. We pray for your kids and family. May you dance with the angels.

  3. Both so young. Prayers for their families.


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