UNDERWORLD BLOOD WARS, More Of The Same, But Doesn't Totally Suck

Kate Beckinsale, UNDERWORLD BLOOD WARS review

-Kate Beckinsale reprises her role of Selene in Underworld: Blood Wars, the film franchise where vampires and werewolves have been in battle for untold ages and Selene wears the best leather battle suit ever!

The cast in this film chapter also includes Theo James, Tobias Menzies, Lara Pulver, Charles Dance, James Faulkner, Peter Anderson, Clementine Nicholson and Bradley James (from Syfy's Merlin series). It was directed by Anna Foerster (Outlander, Criminal Minds)

The film continues the story after the birth of Selene's daughter, where everyone seems to have given up chasing Selene's daughter, and now it's Selene whose blood everyone wants. While on the run, the vampire council offers an invitation of truce because they need her to train their troops to be able to beat the werewolves.

But alas, this truce with Selene was nothing but a ruse, so they could get her where they wanted her, all to get the change at draining her of her blood. But while the entire clan is fooled by the skulduggery pulled off, there are still a few who know better and Selene is liberated to continue her fight.

In that form-fitting, black leather outfit of hers.


To be honest, the first hour or so of the movie does take the time to set up the characters, situation and all the drama and subterfuge between houses, clans and characters, setting us up for the big bit of fang vs claw battle.

There are the usual new type of characters and a sort of expected kind of upgrade to a few other characters while still staying connected to the origins of the film franchise, serving up memories from the past via how the vampires in this franchise can attain memories from the blood they drink.

The big battle takes place in darkened halls, with darkly clad characters, in an bit poorly lit scene but the center piece of the big battle are our four primary good/bad guys facing off.

Though I wish that the final resolution of one of the fights was a bit more... or less hokey actually, and overall, the big fights ended pretty quickly. It could have been a sign that the director knew they had gone on long enough (the film) and it was time to wrap it up! (The story)

But if you've been a fan of the franchise, I think you will enjoy the continuation of the tale, because if franchises like Final Destination and Resident Evil can survive via their fans, then this will be considered a fun addition to the collective.

As usual, the critics under Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 20%, disconnected from the fans, while IMDb users scored it a bit low with a 5.8/10. I can see that, as folks could be getting bored with the same routine. Well, except for the fact that Beckinsale can still wear that leather battle suit wonderfully. Right?

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