AVENGERS ENDGAME Reflection Review, W Spoilers

This is a spoiler filled reflection on having watched Avengers Endgame...

SOLID SPOILERS in the latter half of this piece for sure...

Endgame was a fantastic spectacle of a movie. The first hour was amazing because it was the dramatic reaction to Thanos having pulled off his plan in Infinity War and the first hour treats that event as critically as it should be treated. All the remaining characters have time to dwell on their loss, grief, failure and the consequences. Each one, blaming themselves, becoming their motivations for what they do in the next five years.

But it could also be seen as a cautionary tale of what might happen when the Earth's population gets way too big for the planet.

We see how Hawkeye, Thor, Tony and others "move on" ranged from emotional, to almost funny, to sad. Thor especially was comedic and tragic as a broken man.

After the horrible events from Infinity War, the remaining Avengers gather to figure out what they can do, if anything to fix what Thanos (Josh Brolin) has done.

Among all the characters, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers had the most to lose. After the start, a very sad scene of a start, the team realizes they've been beat. The feeling of defeat stems from Stark and they go their different ways. The film takes a quick jump five years down the road and by the quirk of a random rat just happening to step on the power button of Scott Lang's quantum machine, releasing him, this starts our heroes on the path to success against this travesty and it is pretty crazy, but can it be the one of the 14 million options that Doctor Strange saw when he was trying to figure things out on how to beat Thanos in Infinity War?

And once things are put in motion, and it's five years after the deed, we see where everyone is, to even seeing that Tony is now married, living off the grid with Pepper and their child. Steve is leading survivor support groups and what not.

The third act battle is epic, as the focus bounces around between characters, not dwelling too long on any one character. They all play a role but the big focus is on Thor, Captain America and Iron Man going at Thanos.

Yes, Captain Marvel is in the film, but her appearances are few and far between, as far as I'm concerned. Let's face it, Marvel has set her up to be the most powerful being in their universe. She's got the 'Superman problem,' where there's not much that can hurt her.  She shows up in the beginning then says she has a whole universe to deal with, who don't have the Avengers, so she takes off again, only to show up for a few moments in the big final battle. It's an impressive entrance, and her fight with Thanos is almost worthy, but when he backhands her out of view and then others step in, we never see her again! But she did her part to help.

Now why the gang didn't suspect that the cybernetic character Nebula could be a problem, well, that's just one of those things, right?

So yea, there's time travel. In a big way here.

Once they realize they have to travel back in time to get the gem stones, there is a lot of room for the nitpickers to criticize many moments of the deed. Some have said they spotted at least seven paradoxes. But as they say in Mystery Science Theater 3000 in their opening song,
"If you're wondering how he eats and breathes and other science facts, just repeat to yourself "It's just a show, I should really just relax."
Besides, the plan was to put everything right back where they got the stones from, keeping all the original timelines in check from the movies we've already experienced...

And yes, going back in time to get the gemstones means a trip down memory lane, paying solid homage to the movies that came before and a few side stories to boot.

Even though Loki died in Infinity War, we see exactly how he's going to get his own TV series on Disney's new streaming service, Disney+. But this does bring to mind that what he just did in Endgame negates the very ending of the first Avengers movie when Thor takes Loki home. Or does it, since Steve goes back to put stones back in their places before they showed up.

Plus, my guess is that even though Natasha sacrifices herself for the soul stone, my guess is that her solo movie will take place in prior years.

And the fight between Captains...   "I can do this all day"   "I know."  CLASSIC.

There's also a moment in the film that demonstrates exactly how powerful The Scarlett Witch could be. Wow, if the team gave her decent cover, she could have ended this entire third-act battle all on her own!

And here's a clue that is funny and telling...

In 2014, no one can pick up Thor's hammer because "You're not worthy." But now, in 2019...  "I knew it!!!" I'll leave it at that, but it did seem weird, but perfectly timed.

And on and on...

But in the end, Endgame was a fun and sad movie all at once, a badass badguy, Tony Stark kicking butt, themes of hope, loss and grief explored pretty well made for one hell of a closing movie/chapter to Marvel's Infinity Saga that started 10 years and 22 movies ago with Iron Man. Not bad for company that almost went broke two different times in it's history. (See the link below for an amazing bit on this)

The head count after Endgame includes Loki (sort of), Vision, Natasha, Tony...  Not Steve, but damn, his final scene says he's not far from it.

Oh, and in the funeral scene, that kid you don't recognize, is the tinkering garage kid from IM 3... so maybe we have our replacement Iron Man in future films? Maybe?

How Bankrupt Marvel rebounded to today!:


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