Treadstone on USA Network stars Brian J. Smith (World on Fire, Sense8, Stargate Universe), Jeremy Irvine, Tracy Ifeachor, Omar Metwally, and many other agenty and spy types and such.

Basically, the TV show takes place after the events of the Jason Bourne movies, where the government didn't learn their lesson and they're moving on to creating more superhuman assassins. It follows four or five primary stories/characters.

That's the premise, but it's initially executed at a bit of a slower, almost duller pace than the movies.

If you were a fan of the fight choreography from the movies, THIS IS NOT THAT. The fight scenes are nearly stop-motion, 'it's my move,' 'it's his move,' 'it's my move again,' almost dull choreography. Anyone that says otherwise is a studio shill!

The one car chase I've seen so far, was sad, unless you like 5mph corner slides and weirdly inexplicable car-flipping (at 5mph!) Oh, and the inside car shots, where the driver is snapping the steering while left and right and leans hard left and right in the direction of their turns to pretend to be driving fast (maybe at 7mph now) is truly LAME.

There's a story there, but the tone and energy of the show is slow and I almost don't believe the characters because they all feel like the same person with different looks and clothing.

The idea of a secret org of enemy super soldiers is intriguing, where they don't even know they're agents until they get a signal from their phone or what not. But things just seem to happen to happen...  out of the blue, distracting me from enjoying the flow of the story.

The ending of the third episode, involving Brian J Smith's character, finally got my fascination peaked, but it's just one story of many while I suffer the other stories. Yet from what some reviewers are saying, I'm thinking I may delete it from my DVR.

"It is fine for what it is, but nothing about it really justifies it's existence. You won't be bored watching Treadstone but you may not stick with it long enough to get the answers you seek.
Alex Maidy
JoBlo's Movie Emporium"

"As spy dramas go, this one is better left out in the cold.
Michael Starr
New York Post"

This one hits the spot for what I'm experiencing...

"Treadstone proceeds a little too slowly in terms of connecting the dots, but the show doesn't scrimp on action, and those who enjoyed the movies should find tantalizing threads in this expansion of the narrative.
Brian Lowry"


So if you like slow, really methodical spy plot shows, then sure, go for it and check it our for yourself. But after a few episodes, I have yet to go back and gave priority to adulting and life.

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