6 UNDERGROUND Should Have Stayed There, A Review

When I saw that Ryan Reynolds was in a new movie on Netflix, I thought I'd check it out. It's Netflix and it's one way to kill time while "sheltering in place" from Covid-19.  Except, maybe, sheltering in place might be more entertaining. If we weren't in this pandemic, I'd say that was two hours of my life I'll never get back. But as it stands, I suppose the film is bad enough to distract you from your own problems for those two hours, so there's that.


6 Underground stars Ryan Reynolds who is a billionaire who wants to play dark avenging mercenary that wipes out evil people around the world. He recruits five other people, and together, they take on the baddest bad guy out there.

The film is produced and directed by Michael Bay and this is his Netflix debut, and to be honest, Bay made a frenetic Deadpool movie, but without the costume. And with a serious amount of lazy ass writing and directing.  I mean seriously, Reynolds IS Deadpool, no matter what movie he's in. He's quite the one-dimensional actor who just happened to hit it out of the park with Deadpool, and is riding that wave of success as far as he can take it. If it weren't for that film I am not sure Reynold's one-dimensional acting would land him many more roles, but, it is what it is.

6 Underground starts out the first act with a series of action filled, disjointed scenes that are so scattered as far as any kind of story goes that it truly makes no sense. It's EXACTLY like Bay's Transformers films, jerking from one random scene to the next, but without the giant robots.

But make no mistake, the film has ALL the exact same sparkly explosions, flying cars and military homage-like scenes that Transformers has. IT's almost like Bay has himself, become a one-dimensional director.

SO these two are perfect for each other.

The film is peppered with hot chicks (no complaint there), steamy tough guys, lots of explosives, and can be nearly satisfying if you don't care about fluid story telling.  Have you ever watched a movie or TV show, but let the ads run, went off the kitchen, then the bathroom, then the garage, all while not pausing the show, but just picking up where ever the flip the story is when you return to or pass through the room? THAT is how this flick feels.

Very little is explained well, but hinted at. Even the relationships between characters. It's like you have to fill in the blanks from a huge, sketched movie outline. And that's fine.  Though to be honest, in the third act, once things got rolling and it all comes together, it got nearly fun. Once you figure out what's happening.

Though there is one set of scenes, with giant magnets that WAS TOTALLY AWESOME and fun to watch. And since the movie is effectively free with your Netflix subscription, well, there's that.

Seriously, 6 Underground is a great distraction from what's going on in the world today and we'll leave it at that, though the way the film ends, there's the threat of sequels to come. So be warned.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd maybe give it a five (because of the well played bad guy, the magnet scenes, hot chicks and some of the parkour stunts).

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