LETTERS TO SATAN CLAUS on Syfy: Surprisingly Fun

LETTERS TO SATAN CLAUS on Syfy: Surprisingly Fun

After indulging in a few Hallmark Christmas movies, I had recorded the Syfy premiere of Letters to Satan Claus. I thought, what the heck? Right?

"Letters to Satan Claus revolves around Holly (Karen Knox) who, after returning to her hometown of Ornaments as a big-city news reporter, faces off with the demon of her past following a simple typo made in her letter to Santa. It's a harmless mistake that summons Satan to kill her parents."

First, let's get right to the crux of the movie: This is Syfy's answer to Hallmark's slew of holiday movies. Almost all the characters Holly encounters are picture-perfect happy Hallmark-like people. It's nauseating, in a funny way.

Second: As a child, Holly accidentally wrote a letter to Satan, asking him to get rid of her parents, and sure enough, he received her letter and her parents died when she was seven.

Since then Holly has become a Christmas hater, with complete disdain towards human emotions and holiday spirit. So when she's assigned to cover the festive holidays of her hometown, she's nothing but super critical and always hitting the bottle to get through this mess of a 'happy' assignment.

But in their attempt to mock Hallmark, every single (good looking) man shows up with a musical entourage of romantic handsome theme, until reality kicks in about five or ten seconds later.

Everything moves along at a nice, sarcastic, angry pace until Satan returns and starts killing people connected to Holly, yet again. The deaths are a bit gory and vague and Satan seems to be a woman.


Egads, Satan never looked so bad!!!

All in all, when I started watching Letters to Satan Claus, I expected to turn it off a few minutes into the film, but the tone of mocking and the acting was just right enough to keep me engaged throughout.

Sure, Satan was a bit hokey, but most of the characters are pretty much Hallmark hokey and it's a fun bit of horror if you want to mix up your holiday festive viewing for the season.  Just brace yourself for an extremely hokey ending... but otherwise...

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