REACHER S1 (Prime Video) Review: Fun To the End

Amazon Prime Reacher S1 Review

Reacher, from Amazon Prime Video, stars Alan Ritchson (as Jack Reacher), along with Malcolm Goodwin, Willa Fitzgerald, Hugh Thompson, Chris Webster, Bruce McGill, & Kristin Kreuk.

Jack Reacher is a drifter by choice, cruising to different places of choice and when he finds trouble, rights it if he has to.

The story on Amazon Prime Video of season 1, is based off the first book of the Jack Reacher series, and it starts off with us watching a man getting murdered in the dark of night.

Along comes a house-sized man by the name of Jack Reacher, (Ritchson) a war hero and ex-military cop who stays off the grid, traveling with no luggage, using fake names only using cash. Reacher turns up in Margrave, Ga., where an old blues musician he likes supposedly died. He isn't there long before this drifter/stranger is wrongly arrested for murdering two men on the night he hit town.  (The scene we were first shown)

One thing leads to another and Reacher is involved in trying to bring down more than a small town conspiracy, which leads to more deaths than I can keep track of! But all rightfully executed, if, even if it was at the hands of this self-styled vigilante.


The series confounded me at first because of how large Reacher is. I first experienced the character in the Tom Cruise movies, not realizing that the character from the books is indeed, the size of a house. It took a little to adjust to, as I appreciated how the Cruise-sized hero was able to handle himself... this new behemoth of a man seemed quite able to take care of himself in most any situations, but alas, they sent plenty of men each time to eliminate him.


I found Reacher to be rather entertaining through and through, with nary a boring moment, all the while, episodes peppered with flashbacks to Reacher's youth, giving us more insight into how Reacher ticks. Each episode had some new development to the riddle that Reacher is investigating and that’s part of what keeps the story moving forward.

The bottom line is that Reacher has been taught to do what's right, because that is the brave thing to do.

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