THE LOFT (2014) Review: Shockingly Great Twists

The Loft sports a fantastic cast, as it stars Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Isabel Lucas, & Rachael Taylor in this film from director Erik Van Looy. It's a remake of a foreign film of the same name and premise, that being:

Five married guys secretly share a penthouse loft in the city where they can carry out hidden affairs. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare, when they discover the dead body of a woman in the loft one of the group must be involved.

This is one fascinating movie. The film starts out with a quick 10-15 second clip of a body plummeting to the street and landing on a parked car and then we're transported back in time to a scene where a property developer is having an open house for his building, but he reserved the top floor loft for him and his friends so they can have whatever events any of them want there.

The five guys are pretty much dogs to the core, all of them cheating on their wives in one way or another, but this serene situation is brutally disrupted when one of the guys comes to the loft with kitchen supplies and finds a dead body of a woman in the bed.

The five men meet to debate what to do about the dead woman, considering they are the only five that have keys to the loft, so, as they see it, one of them did it, but who?


The rest of the film has us chasing our tails and the story as it bounces back and forth between past and a bit farther past events, delving into the stories of each of the guys and how their lives and relationships could possibly impact the obvious problem in the room, aka, the loft, that dead body.

I was pretty sure early on who I suspected had 'done it,' and then as we get into act two of the film, I thought I was shoring up my suspicions. But dang, act three started to prove me wrong and after one curve ball after another, the ending and 'who done it' was quite surprising.

I do not understand how this film netted a 6.3/10 on IMDb. I felt that after watching the film, it should have been a 7 or higher. And the professional critics over on Rotten Tomatoes are just stupid, giving the film a 14%. WTF?


So if you see this movie come up on your schedule, I'd suggest checking it out. It was well worth our time and fulfilled our entertainment expectations.

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