2012 Breaking TV News: 'House' & 'Alcatraz' May Be Preempted by "Daytona 500" Tonight 2-27

For fans of House and Alcatraz on Fox, there might be a scheduling conflict for the east coast viewers for the Winter Season Finale of House.

It turns out that though the NASCAR event, the Daytona 500, was scheduled to run yesterday, for the first time ever the event was rained out and postponed until today, Monday, February 27th.  It was scheduled to run at noon, Eastern.  But the rains kept coming and that start time was delayed and now NASCAR has announced that the race will start at 7PM Eastern, and it's been further confirmed that Fox confirmed all affiliates will carry the race.

That means that shows slated for 8pm Eastern start times are hosed.  (Granting that weather doesn't delay the race start even further.)

I'm not sure what the east coast and probably mountain time zone affiliates are going to do, but it seems that Fox will be showing the Great American Race, (AKA, the Daytona 500) tonight.

Of course, it seems that Fox hasn't told their 'HOUSEonFOX' Twitter account pilot.  They're tweeting along cheerfully about tonight's winter finale.

I've tweeted them and I have other fans bugging them too... if we find out anything, I'll update everyone.

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UPDATE 2-28-12:


  1. Bummer about House, but I don't give a crap about Alcatraz. That show's too formulaic.

  2. Alcatraz is fantastic House is not that good anymore hope they still show the episodes in order


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