MAJOR CRIMES Heart Wrenching Final Season

MAJOR CRIMES Heart Wrenching Final Season

MAJOR CRIMES Latest Heart Wrenching Development In Its Final Season

This present season, its sixth, of Major Crimes is its last season, and they are delivering a strong set of cases this season to keep you engaged. Not only engaged, but to some of the long-term fans, a sad reminder of what we will be missing once the show ends in a month. I'm especially going to miss Provenza's (G.W. Bailey) snarky cop-tude and that almost cool hat!

This week, the show took a turn of emotional stakes that will last with fans forever, and we are lost.

EXTREME Major Crimes SPOILERS follow, please don't read this unless you've seen this episode. It would dilute the emotional impact...




Mary McDonnell, Raymond Cruz, and Phillip P. Keene in Major Crimes

In the 9th episode of season 6, titled "Conspiracy Theory: Part 4" we had been following Sharon's health problems as she tried to balance her health with her job and pursuing the present case.

Everyone around her was pressing her to take it easy, as I'm sure fans sitting in front of their TVs were too.  I was getting pissed that she was dissing her doctor's recommendations.

Mary McDonnell and Graham Patrick Martin in Major Crimes

All the while, we still have Rusty's issues with Gus and also in the background, his stalker, whom we saw at Gus's restaurant before he rushed off to respond to Rusty's phone call.

Otherwise, everyone else is doing their thing, pursuing the murderer.

But I have a few concerns aside from the obvious.

WE HAVE FOUR EPISODES TO GO, and they've caught the murderer and rapist, right? So what is going to be happening over the next four episodes???

My concern is that the next four episodes will deal with fallout from this week's huge and sad event, as well as Rusty being confronted by his stalker, Stroh, played by Billy Burke.

But now for that elephant in the room,

Mary McDonnell as Sharon Raydor in Major Crimes
Mary McDonnell as Sharon Raydor in Major Crimes

The passing of Sharon Raydor.

During an interview with the murderer, Sharon got pretty upset with her and her heart failed. They resuscitated her, but in the ambulance her heart failed again. And in the ER, they sadly could not revive her.

Could we see it coming? Maybe. It's the last season... anything is possible, from full closure to shocking, open ended moments to hit home, hard.

RIP Commander Sharon Raydor

Sharon Raydor, played so eloquently by Mary McDonnell, was that TV mother who grew on you. She had this quiet kind of confidence, knowledge and power that just radiated from the TV. She became the surrogate TV mother that you could look up to. She had infinite wisdom, and was a wonderfully written character with so many layers, and to be honest, it showed when she adopted Rusty into her family.

I can see many fans feeling stunned and shocked at her passing. It hit my household pretty hard.

The show will be missed, but the last few episodes will be that much harder to watch with her gone, missing from our beloved Major Crimes crew.

In reflection, I've been a fan of Mary McDonnell's career for quite some time. She was in Dances With Wolves, but truly caught my eye with her role as the ill-fated Marilyn Whitmore in the 1996 film, Independence Day.

She then pulled me along in another story of in-depth heart string tugging character, another strong character, as President Laura Roslin in the 2003 Syfy series, Battlestar Galactica.

I did not watch The Closer much, but when it was cancelled and Major Crimes was spun off the show, I did not watch it at first, but somehow I caught on to the show, and loved it.

I came into Major Crimes just after she had taken in Rusty and followed it stoically ever since. The series felt like a mini-movie with how they presented scenes, and especially the opening of every episode had this cinematic feel that I've never seen in any other show.

I loved the show and looked forward to it every week it aired. And now, I have nothing that compares. Sharon will be missed in the final four episodes while the series itself will be missed when it ends.

R.I.P. Sharon. Thank you Mary McDonald for giving us such a memorable character. Thank you TNT for continuing the franchise  beyond The Closer and thank you to everyone else in the cast, who so perfectly melded to make such a wonderful show.

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