Good News for Katie Cassidy Fans - She Lands a Lead Role

The beautiful Katie Cassidy has landed herself a leading role in a genre TV show, titled ArrowArrow is a pilot based on the DC Comics character, Green Arrow.  Cassidy (yes, the daughter of David Cassidy) will be playing a character named Laurel, a young attorney who has a past with Oliver Queen, aka, Green Arrow.

In this CW network pilot, they've cast Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen.  Which is a bummer.  I liked when Justin Hartley played Oliver Queen in Smallville, but hey, everyone moves on, right?  Susanna Thompson and David Ramsey are also cast in the pilot.

David Nutter is directing Arrow.  His directorial resume includes Game of Thrones, Shameless, & Entourage.  It's being produced by Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters, No Ordinary Family) and Marc Guggenheim (No Ordinary Family, FlashForward, Brothers & Sisters).

The creative team behind Arrow sounds very promising for genre fans.  This could be a good series on The CW network.


[Green Arrow image by WiL_Woods fr Deviant Art][Deadline]


  1. This is great news! Aside from that, I'm really looking forward to the show itself, think it's gonna be at least as good as Smallville and maybe even beyond that.


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