Paget Brewster Is Exiting 'Criminal Minds'

This year, Paget Brewster's contract with CBS and Criminal Minds expires and she's not renewing it, thus making this season, her last on the hit police procedural.  Apparently she's focused on wanting to do something else besides criminal profiling.


As fans are aware, her character was a sort of hit and miss over the last few seasons.  Brewster had filmed a comedic pilot for NBC called My Life as an Experiment, but that did not pan out.  When it didn't, Brewster thought she was done with Criminal Minds and CBS, but apparently she was not aware of an option CBS had with her, and they called her on it, pulling her back into the show.  But that wasn't what she wanted and it seems this was not a good thing, by her.

So basically she's in a hit show, but has not wanted to be there?

Apparently this year, Paget Brewster wanted to film another pilot or project, but this time CBS declined to allow her that option.  Itching to break out of the hit series that's paid her bills for the last 6 years, Brewster then exercised her own option and chose to leave the series at the end of the season.


In the exclusive Deadline article, they point out the tumultuous relationship Brewster seems to have had with CBS over the last few seasons.

Prior to her 6-year stint on Criminal Minds, she has voiced roles on American Dad, Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, Huff, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, The Trouble with Normal, Love & Money, and Friends.  She's had a slew of one-up gigs between these other noted recurring roles.

Paget Brewster has also been concurrently working on a series called Dan Vs., voicing the character of Elise.

We here at Cinema Static wish her luck and can't wait to see where she lands next!